My name is Yasmine Bergner and I would love to be your community tattoo artist.
What exactly is a community tattoo artist?
The community I define myself a part of, is a community (virtual or local) of people who are interested in personal growth, empowerment and spiritual search, people who aspire to do good for themselves and their environment in a conscious and responsible way.
Like the ancient shamanic women tattoo artists before me, I too believe the tattoo to be an empowering talisman, a powerful tool for personal development and for the defining of individual and collective identity.

My personal community is an ever growing one, based on a connected world view, promoting universal, humanistic and ecological values. We are on a path, step by step, toward a more conscious humanity, among other things, through the new understanding of the science of Sacred Geometry and the Unified Fields Physics, through which we can adopt a more holistic and connected world view. Sacred Geometry is a visual language of geometric shapes and symbols that embody the universal patterns of creation found in nature, biology, physics, chemistry and astronomy. Exposing the structure of Our reality in terms of its fractal, holographic nature, where everything is inter-connected and co-dependent.

Tattoos inspired by Sacred Geometry and ancient tribal design are the place where art and science meet.
By literally embodying those shapes on our bodies we can transform tattoo art into a conscious – expanding practice.
For the last years I have conducted my own research into the history of tattoo cultures, and have investigated the relationships between tattoos, fine arts and sacred geometry.

A little about myself.

I am a visual artist and professional tattooer. I obtained my degree in fine arts from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and later went on to earn my M.A in Art Therapy at Leslie College. I am proud to say that my tattoo teacher and mentor is  Amalia Sand, aka the “Big Dipper”, the first female tattoo artist to practice her art in Israel during the 80’s, and a majestic personality in her own right.

I love to draw, wood carve and engage in performance. I have curated several exhibitions dealing with tattoos an an art form, including an exhibition at Ben Gurion University. I’m simply in love with tattooing and love to write and lecture about its various aspects.

I’m also mom to Zohar, aged 12.

Leonardo da Vinci conveyed to us in his “Vitruvian man” that the human body is a measuring stick of the universe, embodying as it does the “Golden mean” or “ratio”.  Some of the foundations of sacred geometry rooted in nature are the Fibonacci sequence (the golden section), the five platonic solids, the torus, the pattern of the flower of life and many more.
As a tattoo artist I aspire to pass on my knowledge to my clients, to enrich their world and help in my own way to promote their personal development.
So if you are asking yourself how abstract ideas such as these can be connected to your everyday life, well…I have much to say on this subject.
In my website you can see, aside from my tattoo art, also articles I have written about tattoos and art (they are in Hebrew and hopefully will be translated  into English soon).
I have also provided you with links to humanistic, ecological information for an aware, conscious and sustainable civilisation.

Feel free to share, comment and of course contact me to design your very own unique and awesome tattoo!